Look. Think. Live. 1.

Floating school

This is hopefully the first installment of a weekly column containing things that I’ve found beautiful, thought provoking or have inspired me to create something. The inspiration came from Jessica Stanley’s column, and this Anthropologie notebook.


solar-powered floating school made from local materials that drifts on recycled plastic barrels, built in one of the poorest areas in Nigeria. *** It’s difficult to design a book cover for a complex novel. These designers tried and showed that there are many ways to do Lolita justice. *** “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it“ and other rules from Elmore Leonard as well as his thoughts on bad movies and good writing. *** “I miss the way you wanted me / When I was staying just out of your reach / Begging for the slightest touch / Ooh, you couldn’t get enough, mmm” — The Civil Wars released their second album and the first single is hauntingly beautiful and honest.


Every generation reminiscences “the good old days” but, as it turns out, we’ve been complaining about the accelerating pace of modern life for a very long time. In 1871, the Sunday magazine said: “The art of letter writing is fast dying out. When a letter cost nine pence, it seemed but fair to try to make it worth nine pence. Now, however, we think we are too busy for such old-fashioned correspondence. We fire off a multitude of rapid and short notes, instead of sitting down to have a good talk over a real sheet of paper.” What does that say about email, SMS and twitter? *** Our love of sugar has no limits: “In 1700 the average Englishman consumed 4 pounds a year. In 1800 the common man ate 18 pounds of sugar. In 1870 that same sweet-toothed bloke was eating 47 pounds annually. Was he satisfied? Of course not!” *** Don’t you dare utter the word “disruptive.” It’s lost its meaning and became an empty buzzword “lapped onto every act of cultural defiance or technical derring-do, whether it has to do with business or not.”


With autumn just around the corner, these pressed flowers would make a lovely decor. *** A great art deco free font that makes me think of Paris cafes and black and white movies, designed by Jonatan Xavier. *** I wish I’d have more space for photographs so I can justify making these lovely wooden photo holders.


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