Value and experiences

Value is not derived from the consumption of goods and services, but is embedded in the actual personalized experiences created through engagement and involvement.

Source: Chen, T., Drennan, J. & Andrews, L. (2012). Experience sharing. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(13-14)

While I agree with the idea that there is value in experiences, I disagree with the perspective that value is only derived from personalized experiences. I actually believe that I derive quite a lot of value through my consumption of goods and services, e.g. when using my phone to set up a meeting, or navigate the streets of a new city. Also, while I like the idea of involving customers in creating value, passive consumption (with minimal involvement) is also pleasurable and sometimes desirable. I actually prefer products that allow me not to be involved, since, well, I have better things to do with my time than to interact with brands. Plus, being permanently engaged is rather exhausting, which is why brands exist in the first place: to simplify choices, to make decision-making easier, and therefore, to allow us to dedicate mental resources and energy to other activities. Also, I am rather unsure where the difference between consumption and engagement is. But that might be because as of yet, we have yet to come up with a generalizable definition of what engagement is. Maybe there is a middle ground somewhere.


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