Look. Think. Live. 2.

This week has been filled with statistics, writing, and documentaries, so it might not amass to the most interesting collection of links, for which I apologize in advance. I’ve also changed the third category from “create” to “live” because I wanted something slightly more encompassing than a list of DIY projects.


A few years old, yet a classic documentary, HOME takes a look at the human impact on the planet, inequalities, and our uncertain future. It can easily be considered a piece of art with a strong message: it’s not too late to take action. *** This 13 minute video showcasing life in the city of Aleppo, Syria is brutal to watch at points due to the devastation, violence and grief it captures. However, German filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen still shows a few moments of normalcy among the agonizing realities of a civil war.*** The source of the conflict in Syria is mostly engrained in historical divides, highlighted in this BBC documentary. It is nice to get a better understanding of the cultural differences prevalent in the country, as well as what sparked the conflict and how it escalated.


Shh, I’m trying to think! “A great mind can have great thoughts only if all its powers of concentration are brought to bear on one subject, in the same way that a concave mirror focuses light on one point.”  *** The purpose of higher education is not necessarily a better job. “Don’t judge the value of higher education in terms of careermanship. Judge it for what it is – a priceless opportunity to furnish your mind and enrich the quality of your life. ”


What do you want to do with your time? A career, a job, a family, hobbies?*** If the answer is travel, then this Google Street View timelapse might just inspire you to get started.*** It’s September, which means SmashingMagazine has a new collection of wallpapers ready to download and enjoy. I went for the clouds and sunshine one, although I might just need to revert to pirates for the 19th.


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