Look. Think. Live. 7.


Some of the best pictures taken by Voyager 2. *** Fontainebleau looks even more beautiful from the air. *** Another side of climbing, as shown by Pamela Pack and her love for off-widths. *** Me talk pretty one day. *** Exploring Paris with apps designed to get you lost.*** Why and how rocks move. *** Some of the best covers of Vogue to date.*** Philippe Starck to the rescue of ugly mountain bikes.


“There is a paradox about the role of intelligence within sport. In the early years of total professionalism, intelligence seemed to be on the wrong side of history. The cultivated amateur, for whom sport was only part of life, was supplanted by the narrower focus of ruthless dedication. ” But, intelligence is making a comeback. *** Fact checking has never been the standard in the publishing world. So how many books can you actually trust? *** Inventors, masters, diluters, good writers without salient qualities, writers of belles-lettres, and the starters of crazes as the six types of writers out there, in the eyes of Ezra Pound.***The knowledge gap is behind public opinion against immigration in both USA and Europe.


There’s more caffeine in a pound of tea than a pound of coffee. But more caffeine in a cup of coffee than a cup of tea.*** A home made protein shake for after workouts. *** There’s a digital Museum of Important Shit. Not kidding. You can submit those things that are important to you: that concert ticket stub, the first movie ticket date, that weird currency you collected as a kid and so forth. And of course share it with the world. *** The best way to hold a pizza slice? Answers from a 19th century Math genius.


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