The concept of value cocreation and its dimensions

For my first PhD publication, I set out to better understand what is value cocreation, and more specifically, to understand its dimensions and driving forces.  To be honest, it was not an easy task, as the academic literature on the topic is first very broad, and second, rather liberal in using the concept of co-creation without always clearly identifying its meaning. In the end, together with my co-authors, we decided to adopt an interactive perspective on value co-creation, and define it as a joint collaborative activity between two or more actors, occurring at the intersection of consumer and producer spheres, where the two come together to share resources in order to generate value for either one or both actors.

In terms of its dimensions, we focus on detailing six value cocreation dimensions that create value for consumers and service providers within interactions, and proceed by identifying a number of drivers that promote value cocreation. Overall, we tried to develop a larger framework that clearly discusses what value cocreation is vs. the factors that promote it.

You can download the resulting paper and our framework from the link below. I’ll discuss it in more detail in further blog posts, but wanted to first share it.

Value cocreation in service interactions: dimensions and antecedents



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