Look. Think. Live. 12.


Upside down glacier (Alex Cornell (twitter.com/alexcornell))


Beautiful art tattoos. Flowers, maps, skulls. A bit of everything. *** Upside down icebergs look incredibly beautiful. When ice is this dense, it “absorbs bits of red light, reflecting the blue frequencies. Underwater microorganisms and minerals frozen within burnish its greenish tint.” Thus, the incredible blue/green tint.


Behind the recent increase in manvertising. Shifts in a society are usually reflected in contemporary advertising. With more men doing groceries, cleaning, parenting and generally taking care of the household, brands have started to take notice, leading to an increase in advertising and marketing targeted directly at men. ***  Some great facts on big data: Over 90% of the world’s data was created in the past 2 years. *** Combining psychology and marketing: “Near the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid sits self-esteem. People want to feel important; like they’re part of an exclusive group. That’s why advertising copy sometimes says: “We’re not for everyone.””


The history of the Swedish coffee break – fika. “Fika is thought of as the “non-date date” — a relaxed gathering of friends with no pre-determined agenda or romantic implication, but rather a leisurely meeting over a much-loved beverage.” *** Following my first ever banana bread, I developed a fascination with them. Weird fact: even though there are more than 1000 banana varieties, we’re all eating Cavendish bananas: They make up just under half of the worldwide banana crop, but basically all of the banana exports (95%). More facts and tips on bananas, here. *** I may be late the Gone Girl mania, since I’ve just finished the book and watched the movie, but I’ve enjoyed reading the comparisons to Fight Club, or Eyes Wide Shut, and the discussion of the various themes such as the complexities of marriage, compromise, revenge, new take on feminism, or the cool girl speech. The book and the movie are both great, both in their own way. And most importantly, they’re both thought provoking.


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