Look. Think. Live. 13.


Beautiful new bookstore in Bucharest. Playing with light and whimsy. *** The Creators – behind YouTube’s vloggers and their relationship with their audience. *** Take me to church.***


“Print and other media have still got high circulations, but that point will tip soon, particularly with the younger generation who haven’t grown up reading a glossy magazine every month.” The shift from print to digital. Digital marketing may appear to be about technology, but it only works when the human interaction underlying it is right, especially for luxury brands that seek to engage our emotions. *** The real Marlboro man. “I choose to smoke, and it’s an expression of my freedom,’ is something that, again, the companies have worked for a long time to reinforce, and it’s something that they know has resonance.” *** The stats on showering across the world. ***


I love ritual and repetition. Without them, I would be a balloon with a slow leak. *** “You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.” #Girlboss ***Life in Iran is not that much different than life anywhere else. “But for others like Sima, Sepideh, and Olliyah, life goes on in much the same way it does in the rest of the world. There was nothing overtly political about these women’s lives when I encountered them in 2010. The prospect of new sanctions imposed on their country didn’t seem an immediate concern.” ***


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