Look. Think. Live. 14.


Nautilus – Rafael Araujo


Van Gogh inspired wallpapers would make any home beautiful. *** The next black and the future of fashion: innovation, sustainability, tech, and biology. *** The beautiful portfolio of Mick de Lint. *** Dr. Seuss meets climbing. *** An ongoing examination of the complexity of life told through an imagined mathematical framework. Poster by Rafael Araujo. *** Coca Cola bottle turns 100.


When the weather’s bad outside, workers are more productive at their jobs inside. And 22 degrees Celsius is the perfect productivity temperature in the office. *** The history of the five day workweek, and why it might be time to change it: “Beyond working more efficiently, a four-day workweek appears to improve morale and well-being.” *** Illusions in data visualization. *** 7 segments of outdoor consumers: 1. Achiever, 2. Outdoor Native, 3. Urban Athlete, 4. Aspirational Core, 5. Athleisurist, 6. Sideliner, 7. Complacent. Would love to get my hands on this report.


A simple creative vase project from Pierre LOTA. Estimated time to make: 5 seconds. *** And a slightly longer one that could finally put my glue gun to good use. *** This week’s indulgence: Double chocolate banana bread. *** Creative new travel website, inspiring you to book a flight and explore the world’s offbeat destinations. Still in beta. *** Cocktails to try with a great whiskey. On the list: Tiny Riot.


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