Look. Think. Live. 15.

Urban IconoMythology by Pichi & Avo.



Victor Hugo produced more than 4000 drawings. Hugo worked only on paper, and on a small scale; usually in dark brown or black pen-and-ink wash, sometimes with touches of white, and rarely with color. *** The Dutch National Ballet. *** Dreamy ads from Oreo. *** People living outside the system. *** The kids museum of glass. *** Hex ring.


Why do we shake hands? It might well be so we can [unconsciously] sniff each other. *** Degrees don’t matter anymore. Skills do. *** Universal millennial truths: being transparent, authentic, immediate and versatile. Mobile marketing to millennials. *** The rise and fall of Marie Antoinette. “With the possible exception of the Corsican-born Napoleon, another outsider who overstayed his welcome, no one haunts French history like the Hapsburg princess.” *** Is there a travel gene? In conclusion, the motivations behind travelling can be explained through our genes (DRD4-7R) and also through our imagination which is fueled by play and childhood.


Make a digital font of your own handwriting. Personalization at its best. *** Paris free travel guide. So many museums. *** Icelandic babies are taught to sleep outside. “Most Icelanders have come to feel that their children also take longer and better naps when they sleep outside, undisturbed by noises from inside the house.”*** There’s a new website dedicated to female extreme adventurers. Finally a place for all the climbers, skaters, cyclists and surfers. *** What if you could do this at home and track EVERYTHING you do? How many cups of coffee do you drink? How many hours of sleep do you get? How many times do you water your plants? So many trackable actions… so many possible insights on how to improve your life. Quantify your life. Wouldn’t that be geeky? *** Mount Center-Berlin. It’s like Donkey Kong, but real. ***Best bouldering hall I’ve visited so far. Very dynamic, challenging and lots of fun! Stuntwerk, Koln. 


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