Look. Think. Live. 16.


Photograph by Ana Yturralde


Spotify unveils a new brand identity. *** 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Competition. *** Beautiful pictures of Ireland (it was St. Patrick’s day this week after all). *** Planetary trailer.


What would homes look like in 2020? Ikea has some ideas, including higher fluidity, more multi-functional pieces, more transparency, smarter furniture, and of course personalization. *** Some of the biggest business comebacks of the past 20 years. *** Being a woman in Iran – a place where women are in every measure equal to men, and in every measure not. *** The complex role of data in start-ups.  “I don’t believe that an early startup should be driven by data. It should be assisted by data, using it as one of a number of inputs when making tactical decisions. Data shouldn’t guide strategic decisions.” *** Can human-resources analytics do enough to capture the behavior and preferences of its endlessly complex subjects: humans? *** Good enough might be best? Settling might just make people happier in the long run than constantly striving for an impossible perfection. *** The story of Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Adults like coloring too. *** Another reason to visit London: so you can pet owls while sipping your coffee. *** Wall trophies for an animal-cruelty free home. *** Ben Howard – Every kingdom. *** People who use Firefox or Chrome are better employees. *** Funky wall lamp made out of a sheet of paper.


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