Mobiles and “Me Time”

On the question of what do we do with our phones all day, it turns out that the answer is pretty simple: we’re being a bit selfish and spending some nice “me time” in front of our screens when we’re not emailing, texting or actually using phones to call other people. Mobile phones can be a nice distraction from the world outside, allowing us to watch a funny video, play a silly game, or do some window shopping. It’s time you get to disconnect from everything else around you, and just do something for yourself. This is especially true if you’re for instance on a train commuting to work, waiting for friends to arrive for your dinner appointment, or just deciding to disengage from a conversation you’re not interested in, but also if you’re home on your sofa watching the news.

Of course mobile phones also serve other purposes, like socializing, planning activities (booking your flight or hotel), discovering new information by reading the daily news, shopping for a birthday present, or trying to manage your health (sleep apps anyone) or trying new apps that promise you higher productivity, but these activities occur more rarely. In the end, our phones are mostly an extension of who we are, and offer some well-deserved “me time” where we get to relax and find some entertainment to distract us from the world around us.


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