Look. Think. Live. 17.


Constantin Brancusi – Muse endormie [I], 1910


Albino animals look incredibly beautiful. Different is sometimes better. *** Wild trailer. Eat pray love, but with an atonement perspective. *** Cats and books go together so well. It’s a match made in photography heaven. *** Travel and books come together in this beautiful blog.  *** Constantin Brancusi‘s muse – Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer.


Finland is considering abandoning school subjects for themes in teaching. Teachers are of course uncomfortable with the idea, but could it be a better approach for children? *** The power of storytelling. *** It’s time to stop comparing women’s bodies to shapes of fruit: “What’s meant as a “dressing guide” usually serves to reinforce the notion that some shapes are more desirable than others.” *** An incredibly interesting documentary on a very important question: what makes art so valuable? Is it technique, painter, historical context, previous ownership, or combinations of these factors? *** The most powerful women in business.


“Necessity is the mother of invention,” and other phrases introduced by Aesop’s fables. ***  Lancôme’s Absolu Au Naturel Palette, is absolute beauty perfection. *** A day in the life of Isabel Marrant. *** Cleaning your vinyl records takes a bit of work. *** How to paint trees. A simple tutorial with useful tips.


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