Look. Think. Live. 19.



Journey Through the Largest Cave in the World. Sơn Đoòng Cave — the largest in the world— wasn’t discovered until 2009. *** How to be confident with the school of life. *** What makes art valuable? Is it love? Rivalry? Or just big business?


Branding once meant logos. Today it means everything. The brand is undergoing a paradigm shift. It’s no longer a mark. It’s not even a voice. It’s an intelligent entity, a personality, an algorithm capable of learning. *** People are storytellers by nature, but we’re discrete in the ways in which we tell those stories. Something in the way each of us developed has enabled us to share our perspective in unique ways.


No matter how refined your palate may be, a cook who lacks good basic knife skills is a liability in the kitchen. These videos will help.*** Why I travel alone as a married woman. I do wonder if the roles were reversed, would my husband receive the same level and intensity of questioning? I imagine not. Extended business trips are par for the course for men, from seafaring Vikings to modern-day executives. People are not yet accustomed to women occupying the same roles, and I suppose it undermines their expectations of how a wife should behave.


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