The Knowledge Gap


Look. Think. Live. 18.


Together with my best friend, I started a new blog for strong women looking to conquer the world. Have a look, it’s called Alpha Women Rule. *** Surf photography: hold your breadth. *** Vietnam’s breathtaking caves. *** April wallpapers by Smashing Magazine. *** Finally watched Pulp Fiction. We’re gonna be like three little Fonzies here. *** Mario Testino photographing men. *** Logos and calligraphy meetup. *** Coffee vs. religion in the Netherlands.


“It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.” The body in Ancient Greece. ***  “No one owes you a good career. You need to earn it.” So Good They Can’t Ignore You *** US Government surveillance. John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden. *** Michael Moore takes on capitalism and its inherent flaws, with a specific focus on the US.  *** Marxist theories and Game of Thrones. *** Museums all over the world are selling masterpieces despite fears that they’ll never be seen in public again.


There’s a new book about my favorite Swedish habit, Fika. *** Het diner, an interesting thriller (in Dutch). *** Fashion is becoming more egalitarian, at least in the New York Times. *** Adding superheroes to boring office walls. *** Growing plants from seeds. 

Look. Think. Live. 17.


Constantin Brancusi – Muse endormie [I], 1910


Albino animals look incredibly beautiful. Different is sometimes better. *** Wild trailer. Eat pray love, but with an atonement perspective. *** Cats and books go together so well. It’s a match made in photography heaven. *** Travel and books come together in this beautiful blog.  *** Constantin Brancusi‘s muse – Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer.


Finland is considering abandoning school subjects for themes in teaching. Teachers are of course uncomfortable with the idea, but could it be a better approach for children? *** The power of storytelling. *** It’s time to stop comparing women’s bodies to shapes of fruit: “What’s meant as a “dressing guide” usually serves to reinforce the notion that some shapes are more desirable than others.” *** An incredibly interesting documentary on a very important question: what makes art so valuable? Is it technique, painter, historical context, previous ownership, or combinations of these factors? *** The most powerful women in business.


“Necessity is the mother of invention,” and other phrases introduced by Aesop’s fables. ***  Lancôme’s Absolu Au Naturel Palette, is absolute beauty perfection. *** A day in the life of Isabel Marrant. *** Cleaning your vinyl records takes a bit of work. *** How to paint trees. A simple tutorial with useful tips.

No Marketing

“As I’ve mentioned before, data-driven marketing gives birth to “no marketing.” That’s marketing where you’re not pushing and you’re not spamming with irrelevant messages. It’s marketing that moves beyond conversations to connecting, to truly engaging with the brand, across all departments.”

Lisa Arthur – The Difference Between Personalization And Individualized Insights, Teradata

Mobiles and “Me Time”

On the question of what do we do with our phones all day, it turns out that the answer is pretty simple: we’re being a bit selfish and spending some nice “me time” in front of our screens when we’re not emailing, texting or actually using phones to call other people. Mobile phones can be a nice distraction from the world outside, allowing us to watch a funny video, play a silly game, or do some window shopping. It’s time you get to disconnect from everything else around you, and just do something for yourself. This is especially true if you’re for instance on a train commuting to work, waiting for friends to arrive for your dinner appointment, or just deciding to disengage from a conversation you’re not interested in, but also if you’re home on your sofa watching the news.

Of course mobile phones also serve other purposes, like socializing, planning activities (booking your flight or hotel), discovering new information by reading the daily news, shopping for a birthday present, or trying to manage your health (sleep apps anyone) or trying new apps that promise you higher productivity, but these activities occur more rarely. In the end, our phones are mostly an extension of who we are, and offer some well-deserved “me time” where we get to relax and find some entertainment to distract us from the world around us.

The four levels of creativity

Bojon Gourmet

I like this elegant explanation of different levels of creativity. We often only think of the highest level as actual creativity, but we forget about the other forms.

Level 1. Doing. Organizing my herbs and spices. Motivated by productivity. Purpose – getting things done.

Level 2. Adapting. Embellishing a ready-made meal. Motivated by appropriation. Purpose – make things my own.

Level 3: Making. Cooking with a recipe. Motivated by asserting my ability or skill. Purpose – make things with my own hands.

Level 4: Creating. Dreaming up a new dish. Motivated by inspiration. Purpose – express my creativity.

Adapted from  Sanders and Stappers (2008) – Cocreation and the new landscape of design

Experts are not always right

The song will never work. It’s too long, too complex, too confusing and doesn’t fit into any musical genre.”
– Radio stations’ feedback to
Queen about Bohemian Rhapsody

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